July 2020

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Meet the New Girl: Morgan Rain, Bratty Little Squirt

Morgan Rain might be a newcomer to the XXX industry, but she’s perfectly comfortable with being in charge—especially when it comes to men who need a good talking-down to in order to get their rocks off. When she’s not appearing in fare such as Barely Legal #170: Summer Camp Virgins, the 22-year-old “bratty little princess” might be seen demeaning guys in humiliation videos, or jilling herself off to a gusher in squirting clips.

HUSTLERMagazine.com recently caught up with Rain to discuss, among other things, the joys of kink, her little diaper boy and George Carlin. 

HUSTLERMagazine.com: How long have you been in the adult industry?

Morgan Rain: I’ve been doing mainstream porn for three months now, but I started camming back when I was 18. 

What appealed to you about getting into the industry? 

Since I was younger, I’ve always wanted to explore my sexuality. I’m a very sexual person. I enjoy sex, I enjoy having fun. As far as mainstream porn goes, it’s really all about having a good time to me, and being a kinky little bitch. And if I get paid for it, all the better. 

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