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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Love Bites
Featured Article

Love Bites

Looking to sink your teeth into the act of erotic biting? Chew on this…

Love hurts, especially when the people we choose to love—regardless of whether it’s for a night, a week or just until something better comes along—insist on biting all over our bodies like they’re gnawing on an old rubber chew toy. We’re not talking about those seductive little nibbles on the earlobes either, not the romance novel-esque nippings at the skin designed to let a lover know that you find them almost scrumptious enough to sop up like a wet biscuit. No, this chomping of the flesh is more primal. It’s more like the wild feeding frenzy of a pack of rabid jackals than anything that could be construed as reverence or affection, and it tends to send those on the receiving end writhing in pain. But what drives humans to the edge of cannibalism with their sexual conquests? Is this just a natural animalistic expression of horniness, or is it the symptom of something darker?

Everyone understands sensual biting. It is, by and large, just a part of foreplay, a little gustatory flirting to get two or more people in the mood. This sexually driven mastication, a kink known as odaxelagnia, typically follows a kiss or a series thereof. It is known among the half-naked and fully erect to be the delicious appetizer to some glazed pork. When a woman starts slobbering all the way up a man’s treasure trail, concluding the journey with some of his flesh between her clenched teeth, that dude can be pretty sure that he’ll be balls-deep in the chick’s pussy before too long. Nibbling on someone’s erogenous zones—neck, ears, taint, tits, ass—is the universal sign of, Come on, boy, let’s fuck! Everyone knows this, and if you didn’t, well, you do now.

“For some, biting is a way of physically expressing enjoyment of an action when words are unable to convey the message.”

Dr. Jordan Soper

But why does a Filet-O-Flesh turn our kinky cranks?

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