July 2020

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HUSTLER Classic: Nice Box, Babe

You know, we suspect this photo-set wouldn’t have quite the same impact had the model been getting down to her tunes via a streaming service on her phone. Sometimes technological miniaturization isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, kids!

For today’s HUSTLER Classic we travel back to the August ’84 issue to the pictorial “Claudia: Sunny Delight.” Lensed by photographer James Baes, the set featured exotic, furry-crotched beauty Claudia, who when she wasn’t busy tanning her delectable body under the blazing sun, delighted in cranking music on her portable—by those days’ standards, anyway—cassette player. Which, in the slang of the time, was commonly referred to as a boombox. Or, in less polite circles, a ghetto blaster.

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