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HUSTLER Classic: Doing Unto Others

Acts of kindness seem to be in short supply these days. Turn on the news, and you’re barraged with reports of cruelty, selfishness and inhumanity. Oh, and an ongoing health pandemic with a death toll that’s still mounting.  In these relentlessly bleak times, perhaps it will help to look back at a particularly life-affirming pictorial…

Amber Lynn, an Evangelist and an ‘Oh, My God’ HUSTLER Moment

XXX legend Lynn recalls the iconic photo-shoot directed by reformed preacher-man Marjoe Gortner It’s been said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. And judging from an iconic pictorial from the May ’84 HUSTLER, He isn’t averse to tossing in a heap of sexiness along with the mystery on occasion.  That particular issue of America’s…

HUSTLER Classic: French Bliss

It’s June 6, the anniversary of D-Day—that fateful moment in World War II  when Allied forces invaded the Normandy region of France, an operation that would eventually spell the end of the war in Europe.  And what better way to celebrate that glorious achievement than to revel in another historical moment associated with France?  For…