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Hair Apparent
Featured Article

Hair Apparent

Looking to put yourself in a hairy situation? Get tangled up in the hirsute charms of these fabulously furry beauties.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to body hair. However, we need to have a serious conversation about the erotic virtues of wild, untamed bush and beautiful body fuzz. Hair down there, hair everywhere—it’s what’s for dinner (and hopefully breakfast the next morning).

Pride and personal preference notwithstanding, there is money to be made from the hirsute aesthetic. And those who do it are lionized by those who love it. From armpits to pantyline and straight down to those delicious toes, follicle density is fetish gold, and we’re 24-carat fans.

Naturally, this bears further investigation by way of scintillating insight from expert practitioners in the milieu of trichophilia (hair fetishism / hair partialism). And when it comes to credentials, believe us when we say that there is nothing fuzzy about Olive Wren (AKA The Cockteau Twink) and Felicia Fisher’s bodies of work: hair is hot, and they serve it up with a side of pride.

Photo by Little Puck

Felicia Fisher

Twitter: @feliciafisherx / website:

Sassy, sexy Felicia Fisher is no stranger to readers of HUSTLER, having graced the magazine as a Beaver Hunt model in 2021.The phone sex operator, fetish model and alt-horror actor is an on-again-off-again “hairy girl” whose ample pubic mane has landed her on the covers of several hairy-themed DVDs. It’s a major selling point, from live cam shows to custom clips, and Felicia has no intention of touching a razor any time in the near future. Your Beaver Hunt photos are so fun. Any feedback from fans, especially about how your ample bush was depicted?

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