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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Finding a New Meet Market
Featured Article

Finding a New Meet Market

Forget the bars, the gyms and the dating apps; you’ll have better luck finding your next partner in the places you’d least expect.

In most cities, there are only a handful of places where the horny and lonely go to meet eligible singles. Bars, of course, rank high on the list. After all, it’s a lot easier to find someone who thinks we’re good-looking where droves of people are getting liquored up. Dating apps, too, are becoming increasingly popular for making love connections, as this technology eliminates the need to leave the house or even put on a pair of pants. Yet, both have their downsides. There’s waning interest these days, for example, in hooking up with someone who’s one more Jägerbomb away from his first court-ordered AA meeting, and not a lot of women are eager to get sex trafficked to a Russian brothel just because they swiped right on the wrong dude. And for those who aren’t exactly ready to meet that really nice guy or girl from their mom’s church that she’s been wanting to set them up with, viable options for encountering a potential mate are slim. 

That’s the reason a lot of frustrated singles have taken matters into their own hands, jettisoning the bars and dating apps for more unconventional meeting spots. Sure, over the years, some have ventured out to the neighborhood grocery store, hanging out in the frozen food section in hopes that someone else will come along who likes pizza rolls as much as they do. Others have hit the gym in hopes of getting it on after getting fit. Unfortunately, neither of these establishments have a stellar track record for success. The person reaching for the pizza rolls is probably getting them for her kid, and people in the gym, believe it or not, are oftentimes just there to get healthier. 

Many, however, have dug deep and are now employing a more unorthodox approach to meeting people, a strategy that consists of simply stepping outside their comfort zone and exploring new interests. 

“This guy at work got me to join his bowling team,” Trey, a 45-year-old from Newburgh, Indiana, tells Trey admits to having a tough time meeting someone at the same old places after his divorce two years ago. He needed to pivot, but precisely what that should entail, he had no clue. He didn’t necessarily sign up to roll heat every Wednesday evening as a ploy to meet women. But, fortunately for him, becoming a snatch magnet has been an unforeseen benefit. “There’s so many attractive women, and I’ve messed around with a few,” he enthuses.

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