November 2019

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HUSTLER Classic: Certifiably Hot

America’s Magazine captivates readers with a girl-girl spread guaranteed to drive them around the bend.  Who among us hasn’t felt that we’re losing our minds at least a little bit once in a while? And what can drive a person wild faster than the sight of two hot chicks going to town on each other? …

HUSTLER Classic: Dennis Hopper’s Girl-on-Girl Photo-Shoot Defines the Art of Porn

“Pornography is every great artist’s final dream,” Hopper said of his project for HUSTLER. “Whether it’s Goya, Gauguin, da Vinci, Michelangelo or Degas… they all did pornography.” In 1969, Dennis Hopper unveiled his directorial debut, the counterculture classic Easy Rider. And in 1984, the actor/director gifted the world with another groundbreaking work — but unlike…

Ginger Lynn: X-Rated Superstar

CLASSIC HUSTLER INTERVIEW BY DOUG OLIVER OCTOBER 1985 Even if you’d spent the past 18 months in a coma on life-support systems or in a cave in Outer Mongolia—or both—you’d probably still know who Ginger Lynn is. What’s more, you’d probably have jerked off dreaming about her. Lynn, the most-sought-after porn star in recent memory,…