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March 2021

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HUSTLER Classic: Spitting Images

Health experts have emphasized the importance of remaining well-hydrated for decades, if not centuries. If you need even more reason to keep your fluid levels up, consider this: drinking water helps boost your saliva production, allowing for a slick, slippery, spittle-slathered sex session.  Exhibit A: The classic pictorial Tracey & Celeste: Slobber Sisters, from the...

HUSTLER Classic: Rooftop Cooter

Usually when people head up to their roof it’s for a breath of fresh air, or to gaze out upon the cityscape, or maybe to get a better look at the stars. The Honeys featured in the March 2001 HUSTLER pictorial Felicia & Gina: It’s the Clit, Stupid, however, took to their roof in search...

HUSTLER Classic: Give That Pussy a Rest!

Who among us doesn’t need to take a break once in a while, especially these days? Maybe work has been too much of a grind lately. Or a lack of work is taking its mental toll as the financial anxiety mounts. Or the abundance of bad news in the world has you aching for relief. ...