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Expansion Kink: A Growing Fetish
Featured Article

Expansion Kink: A Growing Fetish

For performers and fans of this fascinating kink, bigger is always better.

The old adage that “bigger is better” is 100% true when it comes to the fetish world of expansion. From growing bellies to breasts looking like they’re about to explode and even being turned into a blueberry—this inflating niche has us ready to bust!

Photo courtesy of Jessica Dynamic You shoot expansion scenes! For those unfamiliar, share with us what that is and means to you.

Jessica Dynamic: Expansion is sharing a point of view of a body part literally expanding—getting bigger/larger, and/or abnormal growth, and/or size of that body part.

Taylor: I shoot a wide variety of expansions, from full-body weight gain (thin to massive), balloon body (air and/or floating) and blueberry. As far as body parts, I mainly focus on breast, ass and belly expansion. I expand the models through a wide variety of methods.

Gwen Adora: Expansion scenes exist in a very fun little corner of the pornverse! The scenes depict body inflation/expansion, via practical or digital effects, where the viewer watches a person’s body expand!  Breast expansion is one of the more popular expansion fetishes, but entire body, ass and belly expansions are also in high demand. I use breast plates, bras, body contortion and camera angles to achieve the effects. Paired with editing, it can be quite easy to make it look like your body is magically getting bigger.

Ludella Hahn: Essentially, it’s a scene in which some part of myself expands or inflates to a much larger size. The most common for me being breasts, but I also do hourglass expansions (with hips and booty growth), belly expansions, muscle expansions and lips. I’ve also tried blueberry expansion once and hope to try more of that soon! Juicing room, here I come!

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