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Ask a Trans Woman
Featured Article

Ask a Trans Woman

Enjoy trans porn, but have some questions? Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and we’re here to help quench your burning curiosity.

Trans erotica is the hottest porn trend in decades but, sadly, many of us don’t know jack about the transgender performers or the transgender lifestyle…however, we do have questions. So every now and again, we’ll be bringing you readers’ questions to be answered by your favorite trans performers. This month, Foxxy explains it all for you…

How do you deal with facial and body hair? I mean, guys have a whole lot more of it. So many of the trans women I see when I watch porn have such smooth, hairless skin. They’re like dolphins! How does that happen?

—D. A., Pacoima, CA

Foxxy: Dealing with body or facial hair is probably one of the biggest issues most trans girls have to deal with.  Some people, in general, are hairier than others, especially in born males. Luckily I have Native American in my blood and most aren’t hairy people, so I lucked out in that department. But the most helpful thing for us trans women is our hormone therapy—estrogen— which slows down hair growth and smooths our features and skin too. Another very helpful procedure is laser hair removal. When I first started in the adult industry and started making money, the first thing I invested in for myself was laser hair removal. It was the best thing I ever did! To this day I don’t have to worry about any hair in the areas I got lasered away. For those who don’t invest in either hormone therapy or laser hair removal, a good razor and shaving cream can go a long way! 

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