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A Star Is Born

Today’s hottest, top-searched porn stars in their very first HUSTLER layouts. Alexis Texas July ’09 Sunny Leone Holiday ’01 Jenna Jameson November ’94 Shyla Stylez January...

What Is Art?

Directed by Dennis Hopper—HUSTLER Classic, January 1984 Through the years, many notable celebrities have directed HUSTLER photo shoots—Frank Zappa, Marjoe Gortner and Anna Nicole Smith to name a...

Larry Shock

Originally Published Anniversary 2014 HUSTLER’s early days are the stuff of legend, documented by reporters and acted out by Hollywood stars. A former top editor confirms that the real story is...

Hollywood Money Shot

How one big gamble by a pair of fledgling screenwriters helped define ’90s cinema. Originally Published December 2014 When the Devil offers you a deal, it takes balls to negotiate the terms and...

The Rape of Justice

HUSTLER Classic October 1978 The killers of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. wear well-cut suits and have impeccable manners. They assume many names. They have lived for centuries,...

Innovation & Exploration

While other magazines displayed airbrushed models seemingly sans genitals, Larry Flynt was not only spreading pink, but publishing creative, groundbreaking layouts exploring all aspects of sexuality....

Truly Obscene

Originally Published Anniversary 2015 For more than four decades HUSTLER has been a stalwart defender of free speech, unabashedly exposing not only the erotic beauty of the human body, but also the...

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Butch & Peaches

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The First Publisher’s Statement by Larry Flynt in 1974

Publisher's Statement

The First Publisher’s Statement by Larry Flynt in 1974

Originally published July 1974 Anyone can be a playboy and have a penthouse, but it takes a man to be a Hustler. With this philosophy in mind, we are launching the most sophisticated men’s magazine of the century. Some of you are already aware of our successful chain of night clubs located in most midwestern…

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Asshole of the Month: Josh Hawley

Asshole of the Month: Josh Hawley

Some people born with all the stars aligned for a successful life nevertheless manage to fuck things up with a few horrible decisions; they bet the whole farm on...
Never Forget Your First

Never Forget Your First

Larry Flynt may be gone, but his indelible legacy as a free speech champion must live on. There’s been a lot of free speech about free speech lately. Much...