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Brad Williams: Big Laughs

Brad Williams is a funny little fucker. For 16 years the indisputably hilarious comic has been taking the stage, culminating with kick-ass specials on Showtime—Fun Size in 2015, Daddy Issues in...

MILF Mania

If you frequently visit XXX sites (come on, be honest—we all do), then you have no doubt come across the acronym MILF. It stands for “Mother I’d like to fuck.” Now, it’s not always literal....

Horror Of Horrors! Does Art Imitate Life?

People often say, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” If that’s true, then the dawn is overdue. It doesn’t take a sociologist to see that...

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Democrats Will Have to Solve Immigration to Win

Publisher's Statement

Democrats Will Have to Solve Immigration to Win

Recent polls continue to show that immigration ranks as the number-one issue for most Americans. A Gallup poll in July showed 27% of us identified immigration as our number-one concern, with government/leadership coming in second at 23%. Whoever gets immigration right, without either racist fearmongering or blind expressions of political correctness, will probably win the…

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I Fucked My Mother-in-Law on My Wedding Night

I Fucked My Mother-in-Law on My Wedding Night

Internal Love Vol. 5

Internal Love Vol. 5

Daddy Daughter Swap 3

Daddy Daughter Swap 3



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Jeffrey Epstein’s Predictable Demise

Jeffrey Epstein’s Predictable Demise

The only “conspiracy” involves public officials who don’t give a damn about our country’s inmate suicide epidemic. After convicted pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his...
Asshole of the Month: Meghan McCain

Asshole of the Month: Meghan McCain

Americans often swear by beliefs about our nation that may have been true at one time, but are no longer legitimate. One of them is that America is a...
Huawei: Bad Apple or Savvy?

Huawei: Bad Apple or Savvy?

The president has singled out a cutting-edge Chinese electronics firm as a threat to national security. President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is nothing more than another despicable...