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Doug Stanhope Gets Trashed

HUSTLER: It’s cool to talk with you, and we’re not just kissing ass. DOUG STANHOPE: Thanks, man. I knew I had an interview today, but I hate picking up the phone. With my luck it’d be...

Porn From The Past

Mabel the schoolmarm meets shots of tequila. Parent-teacher conferences here we come! Thanks to R.H. of Port St. Lucie, Florida, for this vintage photo. Send your smut of yesteryear to: ...

Master of Ondine

Written on a dare as a birthday gift for her lover, Pauline Réage’s Story of O was never meant to be published. But the story of a young girl’s induction into the world of ultimate submission...

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Allyson Russell

Taking It Hard

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Larry's Statement

The War On Women Rages On

I know a lot of people think this idea of conservatives waging a war on women is just a load of campaign talk. It isn’t. And it isn’t new either. Women’s rights are under serious, sustained attack, not only by the media assholes that populate Fox News and other right-wing outlets, but also by legislators…

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Asshole of the Month: Brian Kilmeade

Asshole of the Month: Brian Kilmeade

Well, isn’t this fucking typical? HUSTLER Magazine—aka Spread Vaginas Monthly—goes after some Fox News creep for being a sexist pig! Point taken. But unlike most of the world that...

2016: Crossroads for Democracy

The 2016 elections may well be the most important in our country’s history. They’ll determine if there’s still time for our individual liberties to be restored before future generations...

Historical Ignorance

Sometimes you just know that you are in the hands of fools. President Barack Obama almost made it to the end of his second term without repeating George W....