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Porn From the Past

Finding this memento in Dad’s personal effects explained a lot to his New York kids, Apikalia and Hani. Thanks to P.J.E. of Dumas, Texas, for this vintage photo.   Send your smut of yesteryear...

Heather Holliday

How a 5-Foot-3 New York Girl Became the Deepest Throat in Coney Island HUSTLER: Have you always been a sideshow freak? HEATHER HOLLIDAY: Yes! Coney Island is one of the last places in America that...

Larry Flynt, Supermodel

In the Summer of ’14, Larry Flynt showed up in magazine and billboard ads wearing designer sneakers. We asked Jon Buscemi why. The first thing Larry asked me when I walked into his office was,...

Hollywood Money Shot

When the Devil offers you a deal, it takes balls to negotiate the terms and conditions, but that’s exactly what Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski did when they made their mark on the movie...

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Marica Hase

Me Time

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Elana & Antonio

Wildcat Ass Adventure

Photography by Clive McLean
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Staci Carr

Easy to Please

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Lacy Johnson

Can't Help It

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Logan Drae

Natural Wonder

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2014 Voter’s Guide

2014 Voter’s Guide

Goddamn, there sure are a lot of assholes trying to get elected these days! But the shit-fer-brains candidates already in office are even worse since they tend to be...

How Far Does the 1st Amendment Go?

The rival newspapers were as opinionated as many New Yorkers and suburbanites. On May 17, 2014, the New York Post plastered its front page with “HEIL HAIL: City puts...

Zeroing In on the Truth

Finally, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has been allowed to tell us the truth about torture: It doesn’t work. The CIA-endorsed lie that evidence obtained by waterboarding...