November 2019

Featuring Lana Rhoades

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Larry Flynt, Supermodel

In the Summer of ’14, Larry Flynt showed up in magazine and billboard ads wearing designer sneakers.

We asked Jon Buscemi why.

The first thing Larry asked me when I walked into his office was, “How come you want a guy in a wheelchair wearing your shoes?” I said, “Because no one’s done it before and you’re the perfect person for it.” The products we make are very obnoxious but smart. That’s Larry Flynt. When we set out to design the DNA of the brand, we were designing for the Larry Flynts of the world. Off-center, a little eccentric, flamboyant, but cunning. Our shoes have giant gold locks; he has a gold wheelchair.

How did you talk him into it?  

We came up with a number that he liked.

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