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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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World Piece, World Peace?
Featured Article

World Piece, World Peace?

With gun violence, anger and intolerance running rampant in our society, is it possible we can fuck our way to a better tomorrow?

It’s been said that world peace can’t be achieved. That there’s too much religious and political conflict—all of which is compounded, of course, by a slew of flagrantly narcissistic world leaders—for the global population to ever live in perfect harmony. We hate to admit it, but it’s true that the prospects for world peace are grim. In the United States alone, the divisiveness that spilled over from the clown-shoes Trump Administration has us on the brink of a modern-day civil war. 

Unfortunately, the good guys, the ones pushing for peace, are fighting an uphill battle. Too many politicians have their panties in a wad these days about the LGBTQ community coming into contact with little Tommy, and not enough of them are concerned about whatever hairy hell might push him to pick up an AR-15 and unload it into a crowd. If there’s a drag show too close to a school—oh, hell no! They’re going full-blown redneck. Yet, every time there’s a shooting, the right wing vehemently stands by the tired argument that the problem isn’t the guns, it’s all the crazy people. 

And yet, the mental health crisis is constantly overlooked by the very lawmakers blaming the mentally ill for gun violence. For many people—politicians and everyday citizens alike—antipathy and disregard toward others appear to have become the order of the day—not compassion, and certainly not common sense. They seem to have forgotten about the land of the free and the home of the brave. Their new motto sounds something more like, If you make it, you make it. If you don’t, well, we’ll be praying for you on the Hill. No matter how it’s sliced, this isn’t friendly fire.

So how, pray tell, do we free ourselves from this hellscape of rage, ignorance and gunfire? We think we might have found a possible solution. .

Right before he was shot in front of his home in 1980, John Lennon wanted us, the whole world, to give peace a chance. Might we suggest that, in order to truly give peace a chance, we should start by giving (and getting) a piece of ass? Damn straight! We already know that orgasms make us stronger physical specimens of humankind—man, woman, gun owner, it matters not. Scientifically supported research shows that getting off lowers hypertension, boosts immunity, enhances sleep and even eases pain. If they could bottle a real toe-curler, none of us would ever start another day without taking a great, big swig or two. 

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