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April 2024

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Featured Article

When She Wants to Fuck… Your Friend

Suspect that your girl and your best buddy are getting a little too chummy? We help you recognize the warning signs—and let you know what to do if your suspicions are correct.

Men often fail to consider the potential perils of bringing their buddies around their girlfriends.They typically have enough faith in the unwritten bro code not to worry about their pal trying to pork her brains out, but that’s naïve, isn’t it? Of course, it is! These hard-ons with legs are, after all, horny little devils and they’ll knock boots with anything that moves, regardless of whether she’s in a committed relationship or not. There is no honor among thieves, especially when the opportunity for sex is up for grabs. And there’s a flipside to that situation that many guys never consider: Sometimes your trusted comrades aren’t the only ones to blame. Your girl might be trying to fuck your pal, too.

It happens all the time.

“This guy I was dating seriously invited one of his college friends over one night, and I felt an instant attraction to him,” Tiffany, a 42-year-old cosmetologist, tells “It was hard to hide my interest. We secretly kissed by the bathroom, and that started a year-long affair.”

Yep, and this disruption to devotion comes on like a deadly brain aneurysm. One minute she’s mentioning how funny your friend Kurt is, the next you’re coming home to find all your shit on the lawn and Kurt, that bastard, is standing beside a U-Haul waiting to move in his couch. Boom! You’re done. As the mighty Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Weird things happen suddenly, and your life can go all to pieces.” If only there had been a warning sign, perhaps Kurt wouldn’t be boning your ex tonight while you fight hobos for a place to crash on the sidewalk. 

“First, ask yourself, ‘Do I trust my girl and my best friend?‘ This is paramount, because if you do not trust one or either of them, then so-called ‘signs’ can be found in anything.”

Dr. Angela Jones

Unfortunately, nothing that pertains to love and relationships is ever easy in this world. We can’t just rub our nuts like a magic eight ball and expect all the answers. Thankfully, we know some pros, like Dr. Angela Jones of the Houston-based sexual counseling facility Get Centered, who are well-versed in the folly of human entanglements. Jones tells that, while there are some tell-tale signs that shit’s suspect between your friend and partner, they can be, at times, a bit misleading. 

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