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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Want to Play With My Toys?
Featured Article

Want to Play With My Toys?

Why you should stop worrying and learn to love your woman’s sex toy collection.

It’s no secret by now that men often feel threatened by a woman’s sex toys. They see them as some kind of fierce competition, like they’re on deck to steal their entire family at the first sign of impotence. The contemptuous backlash against store-bought clit ticklers, poon pounders and cervix wreckers is on a whole other level with those gentlemen whose machismo has led them to believe that getting sleazy with the silicone is an abomination against the relationship. They just can’t understand, given a woman’s unlimited access to organic dick, why the female of the species would require a device with the capacity to rip up their precious baby-maker with such ferocity.

The majority of ladies, of course, think these guys are being ridiculous. Many of them argue that the only reason dudes have an aversion to the wanking wares in their nightstand is because they don’t get to play with them too. Yep, tickle a man’s taint at 9000 rpm, some would contend, and that bastard’s going to quickly change his tune. Getting him to let down his guard, however, is the trick. “I’ve tried introducing him to my wand and he throws a fit,” Madison, a 35-year-old cleaning service owner from Houston, tells “He keeps telling me he’s not gay.”

Dr. Jordan Soper, licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, says that Madison’s reticent man has the wrong attitude.

“Putting [a vibrator] on the perineum can be very pleasurable. or using the clitoral sucker on the tip of the penis,” she tells us, adding that ladies like Madison may have to hold their man’s hand just a little to make him comfortable. “He may have literally no idea how they can be used on him,” Dr. Soper advises.

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