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December 2023

Azura Grace
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Wakey, Wakey—Let’s Get Nakey!
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Wakey, Wakey—Let’s Get Nakey!

In praise of morning sex.

Sex is the breakfast of champions for many. To get it up before the sun comes creeping in through the windows; to crawl on top of the sleepy-eyed soul drooling into a pillow next to you and pound one out before the aggravations of the day get a chance to unleash their savage wrath…well, let’s just say you aren’t going to get a pick-me-up like that at Starbucks. Starting the day freshly laid has a way of making a person feel that, no matter what cruel hell the day has in store, it’s going to be okay. After all, most of us leave the house hoping that we’ll get some at some point, so to achieve that goal before we’ve even had our oatmeal is huge. Morning sex is invigorating, a great motivator, and the secret to success that most of us have at their disposal. 

Sadly, because porking at this time of day is also a hot topic of coital contention, many of us fail to tap into its power. 

Sure, some women dig it when a guy wakes them from their slumber, one undoubtedly full of dreams where they’re with someone a lot better than him, with a little morning wood rubbing against the crack of their asses, letting them know that ding, ding, ding, the sausage is served. “I wake up more aroused than I am any other time of day,” Cecily from Crossville, Tennessee, tells “He has to instigate it, but yeah, love it.” 

Meanwhile, others tell us that they would rather save the swapping of bodily fluids for the evening hours, like maybe after they’ve had a cocktail or two and the dude isn’t coming at them huffing and puffing away with morning breath. “No, gross, stay away from me in the morning,” declares Monica, a 27-year-old from Pueblo, Colorado. “It’s not very flattering for either person, plus I need time to go back to sleep after.”

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