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The Couple That Strokes Together…
Featured Article

The Couple That Strokes Together…

Getting in touch with the many relationship benefits of mutual masturbation.

There are loads of couples in committed relationships right now silently sitting in their respective recliners, watching television, secretly wishing that a giant asteroid would come crashing through the roof and end it all. The romance is long gone, and they’re no longer regularly boning each other’s brains out like they did in the beginning. The most action either of them has to look forward to, in fact, is maybe their partner will accidentally brush up against their junk while they pass each other in the hall. This decline in passion happens to the best of couples. Life has a way of getting on top of people; they start prioritizing all of the wrong things, and soon they find themselves wishing for armageddon during a Netflix binge. If only these couples were aware that all they had to do to salvage the relationship—or in some cases prevent it from entering this dark place to begin with—is to lean back and start whacking together.

A recent study in the International Journal of Sexual Health found that the couple that masturbates together, stays together. Yep, those who engage in the long-lost art of mutual masturbation—that is, masturbating in front of each other, as opposed to providing manual stimulation to each other—are more sexually satisfied in their relationship than those who do not. This is interesting, considering that many couples will go down in flames without ever once trying to engage in this practice, even if it could save them. Maybe some have considered it, but most have not. For some, like Eugene, a 39-year-old from Bull Run, Virginia, jerking the junk is something that should be done solo, in private, in those times when you aren’t getting any. “I think it’s weird,” he tells “Why are we doing that, when we could be doing other stuff? Save that for when sex isn’t happening.”

“You are bound to have better sex with someone you’ve masturbated in front of. I think there’s something about the trust that is established by looking someone in the eyes when you’re making yourself come.”


Sure, it can be tough for some to embrace the fap as an activity for couples. After all, most of us got started in life beating our meat and flicking our beans at times when we’re all alone. We have been indoctrinated to believe that masturbating is supposed to be an unaccompanied act of self-pleasure, one that should never trickle down to a place that is shared by others. Why? Because, for some, the topic of masturbation is embarrassing. It makes them feel vulnerable, and they don’t want anyone to see the ridiculous faces they make when they’re about to come. Furthermore, if there is someone else in the room willing to touch our kibbles and naughty bits, why in hell’s holy name would we touch them ourselves? We aren’t teenagers anymore. 

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