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April 2024

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Slappin’ That Ass With Style!
Featured Article

Slappin’ That Ass With Style!

Enjoy the idea of erotic spanking but need a few pointers? Don’t worry, we’re here to lend you a hand!

Sure, sex can be and is often straightforward, where two people just grind it out face-to-face in pursuit of both bragging rights and an orgasm. There are times, though, when the next level of lust is unleashed and it’s suddenly open season on every available orifice in the room. We’re talking jelly dongs and spicy lubes. In this mess of masochism and lechery, rest fucking assured, somebody’s ass is going to get spanked before it’s all over. 

And you have to hand it to spanking—it can be a fulfilling experience on a number of levels.

“Spanking can be very cathartic,” Mistress Simone Kross, professional dominatrix and BDSM educator, tells “Spanking can be fun and playful, or can be considered a form of dominance or punishment.”

Yes indeed, almost everyone loves to clap some nether-cheek at some point or another. It is arguably one of the most popular unwritten rules of rear-entry ramming. Any man who’s boning a woman doggy-style is required, presumably by law in some states, to haul off and slap her jiggly cheeks like he’s mad at them. Nobody really knows why—that’s just the way it is. One thing is certain, though; the ladies sure seem to enjoy it. But much like the clueless dudes wielding the hand, they are equally perplexed as to what it is about ass-lashing that drives them buck wild. 

“I don’t think I can pinpoint the reason I like getting spanked, I just do,” Tamara, a 32-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, tells “I enjoy being dominated. It’s all connected.”

The Kama Sutra would have us believe that striking the body somehow ignites the chakras where sexual energy resides, sending signals toward full-body orgasms through the spine. The literature claims that slapping the “shoulders, the head, the space between the breasts, the back, the jaghana [that’s the ass], or middle part of the body, the sides” brings about new heights of excitation. Not everyone is convinced, though. “I’ve never liked spanking in bed,” Nathan from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, tells us. “I’m always afraid that I’m going to do it too hard and end up hurting her.” 

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