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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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She’s Got You Pegged
Featured Article

She’s Got You Pegged

Are you reluctant to let your woman don a strap-on and ride your rump? You’re not alone. We explore the ins, outs, ups and downs of pegging.

Strike up a conversation with the sullen geezer at the bar and he’ll likely complain about what’s waiting for him at home. “My old lady, she’s always riding my ass,” he might say, taking the last swig of beer-soaked sadness before heading down the road. 

Take a seat next to the younger guy sipping a low-cal seltzer, however, and he might say the same—only, that poor bastard’s going to mean it, and quite literally too. Yep, that guy’s wife is going to get him up the ass when he gets home. It’s called pegging—the act of a woman putting on a faux cock and ravaging a man’s asshole—and among sexual progressives, it’s all the rage. 

Long gone is a time when men were the only swinging dicks in the land. Every gender, regardless of whether that was determined at birth or otherwise, gets to be the Alpha. That means ladies are more than happy to wear a mammoth strap-on to tear up hubby’s heinie in the pursuit of pleasure. Butt, not so fast. Whose pleasure are we talking about, anyway? That crucial detail, interestingly enough, remains a mystery to frightened colons everywhere. 

The ladies argue that cracking a man’s inner walnut is all about providing him with new heights of pleasure. Some men, however, aren’t buying it. They believe the pleasure these sadistic little sirens are doling out is like something straight out of a Hellraiser flick. They maintain that the desire to peg isn’t about showing men a good time. It’s all about shifting the power dynamic and inflicting a level of shame that not even the most masculine male can walk away from with his head held high.  

“I don’t care what some guys let their girlfriends do. I’m not about to let some chick bump a dent in my asshole. I ain’t no bitch.”

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