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Featured Article

Ripping-Good Sex

Do you worry about letting out the occasional fart when you’re getting busy? Allow us to clear the air and tell you why you shouldn’t.

When two people get really locked into some good lovin’, there is sometimes a buildup bubbling in the bedroom that comes on unexpectedly, and it is a force that cannot be denied. No, we’re not talking about orgasms. However, this powerful pressure, much like a real knee-buckler of a climax, has been known to contort the faces of those heeding the call, and get them moaning, groaning, sweating and, in some cases, cussing to beat the band. The sheer intensity behind this diddle-time development is seemingly significant enough to throw the Earth off its axis, perhaps leading to an extinction event—in the boudoir, anyway. No, it’s not a dinosaur-crushing asteroid, but rather a passion-pulverizing butt-blast: Shuuuuweee! No matter what we opt to label them, these little stinkers—popularly known as farts—have been infiltrating and complicating the sex lives of humanity ever since we started adding leafy greens to our diets. 

“I’ve been known to fart when I’m close to an orgasm. Can’t even help it.”


Even so, these intrusive booty-burps are not always bad. Some would argue, in fact, that passing a little gas while getting it on is symbolic of some ripping-good sex. “I’ve been known to fart when I’m close to an orgasm,” Sophie, 38, tells “Can’t even help it.”

In fact, we encourage you fuckers to plow ahead undeterred by the odiferous reverberations of that fourth meal consumed prior to knocking boots; farts and fucking go together like cake and ice cream. These windy wafters should be embraced, not reviled. After all, sex is intended to relax the individual, allowing them to appreciate all the worldly feel-goods that this life has to offer (and let’s face it, there are so few). Letting ’er rip is one way to let the other person know that you are comfortable enough with them to let go and enjoy the experience completely. 

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