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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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OnlyFans Moms: The Triumphs and the Trials
Featured Article

OnlyFans Moms: The Triumphs and the Trials

Sara Cheek and Victoria Snooks have made a comfortable living for their families by modeling on OnlyFans, but they’ve also faced backlash. Read on as they share their stories.

Human beings are creatures of nature. How they look, what they think and how they act are all parts of their beauty. As it is, some folks are damn fine-lookin’, and if they want to take control over the sexualization of their bodies and charge other people for privileged looksies, that is their prerogative. However, whenever sexual content becomes available, there is, predictably, backlash from religious and conservative corners of society. 

While the commodification of sexuality has shifted from brothels and strip clubs to internet platforms such as OnlyFans in recent years, that backlash has remained a constant presence. 

OnlyFans models Sara Cheek and Victoria Snooks are two head-turning women who devote their lives to their families. Each has a history of lovingly helping with and participating in their children’s school-related activities. Additionally, they both found that they could use their sexual appeal on OnlyFans to make a better life for their families—and to hear them tell it, they’ve both paid a price for doing so.

According to Cheek, shortly after she started her OnlyFans account in June 2020, her seven-year-old daughter was suddenly being treated badly by the other girls in the cheerleading program at her school in Florida. When she confronted the coach, Cheek says, the coach told her that her daughter could stay as long as Cheek stayed away, did not attend games and did not speak to any of the coaches. According to Cheek, her four-year-old son was soon thereafter cut from the school’s youth football team, and, as reported by The Daily Beast, her husband, Matt—who coached their six-year-old son in football—was allegedly told by another coach, “Your wife is a ho… this is why none of us want you here.”

Photo courtesy of Sara Cheek

Snooks’ story is similar. As reported by The Orlando Sentinel, Snooks alleges that administrators at Sand Lake Elementary School in Orlando, Florida, told her she could no longer volunteer to help out at the school, where she had enjoyed doing so for the past few years to be a part of her children’s lives. According to Snooks, in October 2021, her days with the Orange County Public Schools’ ADDition volunteer program ended after an anonymous parent evidently made administrators aware of her OnlyFans page. As reported in the Sentinel, prior to a press conference in which she and attorney Mark NeJame announced a $1 million lawsuit, Orange County Public Schools told Snooks’ attorneys “that she would be allowed to chaperone field trips but would not be allowed on campus as a volunteer.” recently spoke with Cheek and Snooks to learn about their journeys with OnlyFans, how it has affected their family lives, and how they’ve stayed strong in the face of their respective critics. No updates were provided regarding Snooks’ lawsuit. 

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