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May 2021

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Christopher Bickel’s Neo-Grindhouse Thrills

With highly adrenalized offerings like The Theta Girl and his latest movie Bad Girls, filmmaker Christopher Bickel is wringing big impact out of tiny budgets. Read on for our interview with a modern contender for the Russ Meyer throne. One of the beauties of underground film is that it doesn’t have to pander. Not to...

Inside Dan Savage’s Hump! Fest

Sex-advice guru Dan Savage is here to help you see porn in a whole new way with his annual presentation of unique and intimate erotic films. As readers are well aware, there is no shortage of porn in the world. No matter your preference, if you type a few keywords into an internet search...

Psychedelic Psychiatry

The Healing Power of Shrooms, MDMA, LSD… Illustrations by Spencer Afonso Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment? Craving relief from debilitating depression or PTSD? Need a way to deal with the significant stresses of this decade? Read on… Psychedelic drugs have experienced a resurgence in recent years. Their cultural, spiritual and clinical uses have gained in...