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Not Tonight, I Have an Aging Libido

Can’t get it up? Don’t let it get you down. Lots of guys experience a sagging libido as they get up there in years. The good news is, there are ways to get your sex drive back in gear again.

Conventional wisdom dictates that men are constantly looking to stick their dicks in anyone, any time, at any place. If propositioned by a bridge troll with gonorrhea, they’re ready. If given a chance to knock up the craziest girl on the block—the one with a dagger tattoo on her face and 16 piercings in her nose—it’s on. 

The thing is, contrary to this widely held belief, men aren’t always raring to go. Heck no—we’re people, too! We’ve got bullshit jobs, deadlines we can’t make, child support we can’t afford, an impending financial crisis to sort out and ungrateful kids at home. And that’s just the average day. Toss in a wild card like car trouble on the way home from work, and you’ve got a real libido-killer of a day. Then, no sooner than the madness finally slows down enough to put your head on a pillow, the missus is standing on the bed in her underpants asking if she looks sexy. Fucking hell, woman—not tonight!

Although women have been giving men the “I’ve got a headache” treatment for decades, the concept of a man reciprocating this temporary refusal of sex isn’t widely accepted. And while it’s true that it’s less likely that a man will opt for sleep or TV over sex in their younger years, the chances of it happening grows exponentially as they reach a certain age. We’re not talking geezer-level old—you know, colostomy bags, dentures and a Viagra endorsement. Research shows that a man’s sexual desire starts to drop around the age of 40 and, depending on the kind of lifestyle they lead, it could plummet into the pits of limpdom forever. For all you ladies dating older men, this one’s for you, so take note. The raging hormones of our horny youth tend to get sleepy without warning. “It was like one day I wanted it three times a day and the next not at all,” Darryl, a 48-year-old from Sterling, Illinois, tells “My wife seriously thought I was cheating.”

“If a man starts noticing he has some erectile dysfunction, he may not have the motivation to have sex because of performance anxiety.”

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