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Nipples: Proceed With Caution!
Featured Article

Nipples: Proceed With Caution!

Yes, these tiny tit-toppers can serve as portals to pleasure, but beware—without the proper nuance and finesse, playing with these sensitive protuberances can lead to a world of hurt for you and her alike.

The nipple is arguably one of the most volatile parts of the human body. They can be a source of tremendous pleasure and, in the case of a titty-twister, also leave us writhing in pain. Almost everyone has a set of nipples, so these little protuberances are often revered as the one way that all people are created equal. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are several different types of nipples—flat, protruding, inverted—and when it comes to the sensitivity of a pair of tit-toppers, they are all over the map. There is a vast network of nerves in our nipples responsible for getting us twitchy whenever they are toyed with, and sometimes there can even be a knee-jerk reaction when someone gets too close. Anyone who’s ever caught a shot to the temple seconds after going in to taste the melons understands the volatility all too well. 

“It makes me feel icky if I’m not, like, super horny. You can’t just go for my nipples.”


Some ladies love nipple stimulation, while others would prefer they not be touched…or at least not in the way some men want to touch them. A lot of guys are unapologetic breast men. They see a pair of tits, and they instantly start salivating like a hungry dog. They want those puppies in their mouths, and they want them in there right now. The problem with playing with a woman’s nipples is that a lot of guys do not understand the varying sensitivities. They go all-in with an all-nipples-are-the-same mentality and, rather than get a nipple in their mouth, they get punched in it. Some women contend that nipple play is uncomfortable, while others report feeling anxiety and even an impending sense of doom when their milk spouts are tinkered with, especially if they’re not in the right mental space for it. “It makes me feel icky if I’m not, like, super horny,” Carissa, 25, of Midland, Michigan, tells “You can’t just go for my nipples.”

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