July 2020

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HUSTLER Classic: Anna Nicole Smith Milks It for America’s Magazine

During her career as a model and actress, Anna Nicole Smith was primarily known for her work in front of the camera; but, in 2003, she took a crack at applying her talents on the other side, resulting in a work that involved two hot chicks, a couple of sex toys and a lot of spilled milk.

We’re guessing that nobody cried over that spilled milk…unless they were tears of joy.

The December ’03 issue of HUSTLER was billed as a Special Hollywood Issue, and thus had a number of show-business luminaries within its pages. Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and his then-wife, Baywatch alum Donna D’Errico, sat for a cover shoot and interview with the magazine. Filmmakers Larry Clark and Eli Roth were also featured in the issue, as were actor Michael Madsen and comedian Kathy Griffin. 

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