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How Bad Do You Want Her?
Featured Article

How Bad Do You Want Her?

Exploring the allure—and perils—of love and sex with a bad girl.

Every sad sack who’s been left holding a dozen roses as his girl gets swept away on the back of a Harley by some long-haired dude named T-Bone fully understands that women love a bad boy. In the beginning of their dating years especially, the ladies want a rebellious, take-no-prisoners kind of guy who cannot be tamed. Someone who wakes up every morning and brushes his teeth with whiskey and contempt—not some chump whose only discernible talent is that he can do their taxes at no charge. Snatches get dripping-wet for the unattainable swinging dick of doom, the authentic badass, the brawny beau voted most likely to get the English teacher knocked up back in high school.

On the flipside, women who fall on the “nice and sweet” end of the spectrum are often thought to be the ideal object of men’s desires. But the pussy of a preacher’s daughter isn’t always what gets the guys beating their boners against the window of the candy store. Men, too, have a ravenous appetite for the bad babe–a matron of mayhem, if you will–presumably all decked out in black, slutty attire, perhaps swinging from a pole, sucking off strangers in the parking lot for fun, maybe even voted most likely to be featured in HUSTLER’s Beaver Hunt back in college. Sure, studies have shown that men find “good girls” more sexually appealing, but science doesn’t account for a Y chromosome’s slobbering affinity for those ladies of lascivious behavior. We know guys like ’em bad. The real question, however, is just how bad do these bastards want them?

“I like a girl who can hang drink for drink when we go out, like one of the bros, you know, except we fuck when we go home.”


We talked to a gentlemanly legion who readily admitted to being attracted to the bad girl. Yet, despite this shared affection, most seem to have different views on what bad actually means. For some, it’s just the “hot” girl, perhaps the one at the gym dressed in a revealing pair of yoga pants lifting an insane amount of weight over their head. Yes, we totally agree, she’s bad. For others, being bad is more about a woman’s confidence, the way she carries herself out there in the big, bad world. It’s the woman that some men might see as being stuck-up, a real twat-waffle, but she really just doesn’t have time for guys who smoke weed all day and play video games. She needs a man who is just as bad as she is, and won’t settle for anything less.

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