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Hitting All the Right Notes
Featured Article

Hitting All the Right Notes

Can the type of music a person listens to tell you what they’re like in bed?

It’s a commonly held belief that musicians are better in bed than the less musically inclined. Some people contend, for instance, that a guitar player’s ability to feel out the notes on his instrument during a ripping solo means that he’ll be able to find the clit more expeditiously than those that can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Why do you think all those groupies are fighting so hard to get backstage? They’ve seen some of these dudes strum a G chord, so they want to see how well that bastard can finger a G spot.

But what about the average music fan? Is it possible that someone with just enough musical talent to drop the needle of a record player into the right groove could also be more advanced in the arena of sex? And if this is true, could one music fan be more skilled in the bedroom than another simply because they prefer a specific genre over another? 

Some people seem to think so. During a recent episode of the podcast Guys We Fucked, comedian Tamara Shevon asserted that “metal guys can fuck,” a bold proclamation suggesting that men who listen to music in the realm of Megadeth and Judas Priest are damn fine lays. Show hosts Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson co-signed Shevon’s statement with so much damp-pantied enthusiasm that there must be something more than just opinion to Shevon’s decree, right?

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