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Hammering It Home
Featured Article

Hammering It Home

So you managed to bring your partner to an orgasm. Great! Now what?

If you’ve logged your share of hours in the sack with the ladies, chances are good that, somewhere along the way, you have successfully learned how to give a woman an orgasm. Oh, sure, nailing down the clit-flicking, tongue-lashing and pecker-slinging nuances probably seemed harrowing for a while, but like any other determined dick-slinger driven by the desire to become a world-class lover, you made it your mission to narrow the orgasm gap, one satisfied partner at a time. 

That’s the good news. The bad news is, many fellas—and perhaps you’re among them—are still awfully perplexed about just what the hell they are supposed to do when she starts to come. Many don’t know what course of action to take during that moment where she seems possessed by some demon with a lazy eye and Tourette’s syndrome. Should they stop thrusting and let her body take over, or do they keep pumping away through the orgasm in an effort to push her to even greater heights?

These are valid questions, especially if a man has ever been with a woman who bucks like a rodeo bull when she’s climaxing. “My dick pops out when she comes; they’re that intense,” Kyle of Mobile, Alabama, tells “She starts arching her back and flopping around, and sometimes there’s nothing I can do other than wait for her to calm down and regroup.” Other men contend that letting the woman take the lead and provide her own form of guidance is the most logical move. “They dig their fingernails in your ass if they want you to keep going,” Chad, 31, from Orlando, Florida, posits. “If she’s trying to move my ass up and down, I keep going. If she stops, I stop, too.”

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