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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Fuck Me Harder?
Featured Article

Fuck Me Harder?

What she really means—and how to respond—when she tells you to crank up the intensity in the bedroom.

If a guy bangs enough women during his time on this planet, he will inevitably encounter one with a loud, insatiable urge for some hard pounding. And he, inevitably, will respond by wearing that pussy out like he’s churning butter for a weekend barn raising, at substantial risk of a cracked pecker if it dares slip out on the downstroke. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sweet Cream and her potty mouth will still be down there, flat on her back, screaming like Gordon Ramsay’s barely legal daughter to “Fuck me harder, you twat!” 

Just ask Derrick, a 32-year-old graphic designer from New York. While Derrick doesn’t care much for the rabbit-paced humping method, he has encountered the occasional bedmate who demands a full-bore fucking, only to find that he can’t crank up the intensity enough to meet her verbal demands.

“I’ve definitely slept with girls that tend to get annoyed with the romantic approach,” he tells “They’ll ask me to do it harder, and I always try to oblige them. But ‘harder’ is never hard enough. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I mean, I’m hitting it as hard as I can.”

There’s no denying that men can be clueless bastards at times. Unchecked ego tends to creep in and it often whispers in their ear, “Way to go there boy, you’re punching all the right buttons.” But the truth of the matter is, they usually aren’t, at least not to the extent that they might imagine. Things can get especially confusing (and frustrating) when their ladies give them explicit instructions—such as, “Come on, give it to me harder!”—and, despite their best efforts to comply, their partner remains unsatisfied.

There are multiple reasons for this disconnect. To the inexperienced humper, porking hard isn’t much different than riding an ATV in mountainous terrain. Riding it harder means driving it faster, and giving it all he’s got until he conquers the hill. There are a few very important factors to consider, though. For one, some women would rather not be pounded like a slab of beef being tenderized for dinner. For another, the same person can prefer a gentle screwing one night and desire a balls-out banging the next. Perhaps most perplexingly, even a seemingly cut-and-dried request like, “Fuck me harder, goddamnit!” might not necessarily mean she’s asking you to go at her pussy like a wrecking ball. 

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