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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Photo courtesy of Mike Quasar
Featured Article

Focusing In on Mike Quasar

The veteran porn director shares what he’s discovered from three decades in XXX.

If you’ve watched a porn video in the past 30 years, there’s pretty much a 100 percent chance you’ve watched a scene directed by Mike Quasar. With a sense of humor, creative mind and a sometimes cranky outlook, Quasar has become a pillar in the porn directing world. 

We had the opportunity to speak with Quasar as he took a momentary break from filming bouncing tits, and he shared his experiences, wit and (dare we say it) hopes for the industry. Read on for our penetrating interview. You’ve been directing for *checks notes* 85 years now! I may be off a bit, though. Exactly how long have you been directing and roughly how many scenes do you estimate you’ve shot?

Mike Quasar: I shot my first movie in 1993. It’s probably the worst movie of all time. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and this was long before technology did 50 percent of the work for you. No one owned a camera. You had to rent them, and they were big and heavy and expensive and complicated. I had already been working on sets for two years and, one fateful day, the camera person didn’t show up because he threw his back out on a previous shoot. The director I was working for at the time said “Son, I hope you’ve been paying attention, because you’re shooting the movie today.” Only in porn can the guy who hands out baby wipes and lube be promoted to cinematographer because of someone else’s lower back issues!  After that, I got an offer to direct my first movie, but only if I could do it “cheap but good.” Even though I’m pretty good at my job now, apparently the die was cast, and I’m still the guy people come to when they need something “cheap but good.” As far as the number of scenes I’ve shot? There’s no question it’s easily over 5,000, but honestly, I have no idea. It’s all a blur of intermingled genitalia.

Since you began directing, I imagine the industry has changed quite a bit. Are there any differences that stand out the most? 

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