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April 2024

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Female for a Day

Men reveal what they would do if they could inhabit a woman’s body for 24 hours.

So, there you are, walking home from the bar one night, minding your own business, when some homeless dude pops out of the shadows and offers you a deal. “I’ll trade you this magic liquor bottle for some spare change,” he offers, rambling about how he used to be a genie, but his union card was revoked. The bottle now only comes with one wish as opposed to the standard three. You take the bait. 

“Okay,” you reply, handing him a dollar. “I wish I… I wish I was a woman.” The Earth rumbles for a minute, and then poof, there you stand, breasts and all. “Holy shit,” you scream. “It actually worked!” Before walking off, the mystical street person informs you that the wish is temporary, so the effects will only last for the next 24 hours.

Nevertheless, like it or not, you are a woman for a day. Hmm, what shall you do? Many a man has likely considered, at one time or another, what it would be like to inhabit the female form, to not only gain access to all of the intricacies of women’s she-parts but the inner workings of their mysterious minds—in other words, to find out what makes them tick. It would be like being handed the keys to the coochie kingdom and given a full-scale tour along with a free T-shirt.

After all, if just one man was granted this unprecedented access to femininity, he would inevitably emerge with more knowledge of the fairer sex than any man has ever realized, inevitably making it easier on every pussy-hungry hound from this point forward. They would be the all-knowing cock: Privy to all sorts of info, from when to take out the trash to the precise location—right down to the strict coordinates—of the clit. No more guessing games, boys! This crash course in womanhood would be the greatest intelligence to serve the whole of mankind. 

“I’d quit my job and sell titty pics all day. I’d make a killing.”

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