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Extremely Normal?
Featured Article

Extremely Normal?

Triple anal, blowbangs and piss-boarding—is extreme porn the new normal? Five top performers weigh in on the undeniable popularity of this genre.

Charlotte Sartre is smiling. The kind of smile synonymous with sublime joy, where everything is as it should be in the universe. She stares serenely into the camera, her pretty face mashed into a white leather couch under a stranger’s foot as he relentlessly pounds Charlotte’s asshole from behind. A second cock enters the frame, equally apocalyptic in size, and—without hesitation—presses forward for the double anal. Charlotte, bent over, roughed up and stretched to the limit, musters the wherewithal to coo her approval: “This is the best day of my life.”
The scene in question is one of several she did for LegalPorno, a European site specializing in extreme, gonzo-style porn. It’s definitely not vanilla fare and definitely not for the faint of heart—double anal is more or less routine, while performers with God-given rectal elasticity may decide to attempt a triple-anal penetration or the seemingly unthinkable quad.
Stateside, studios like HardX have carved out a reputation for pushing the limits of mainstream porn with their award-winning ten-dude blowbangs and intense anal acrobatics, just as the mighty Evil Angel continues to set the benchmark in hole-stretching, cum-drenched hardcore. For BDSM, Insex and are veritable touchstones of the genre. Even the stars come out to play: AVN 2018 Female Performer of the Year Angela White, arguably the biggest porn star in the known universe at the moment, can confidently take two in her gorgeous, plump pooper without so much as batting a beautiful eyelash.
Of course, it’s so much more than just butt stuff and jaw-dropping insertions. Extreme porn is all about being stretched to the limits, and though hardly new, it does seem to be much more common these days. Has the internet—and by extension, tube sites—simply made it easier to access everything from prolapse play to piss-boarding (yes, that’s waterboarding with urine), or could this be the dawn of a nasty new era led by the next generation of adult entertainment’s best and bravest? Five fierce queens of the industry offer their no-limits insight into the current state of extreme sex and porn.
Twitter & Instagram: @LaurenFillsUp

Jersey-born Lauren Phillips, a professionally trained dancer and former nanny who left home to pursue her dream of adult entertainment greatness, is pure porn perfection. The self-described nympho is deadly serious about her dedication to raw, boundary-pushing sex. She sees extreme as a natural tendency. Performers like her are all about the next plateau, be it in life, work or a doubleanal gangbang.
Hardcore Lauren. A lot of my fans love to see roughness and raw expressions. I like being slapped around. I like my hair being pulled. I really love being choked, and I really love having a belt around my neck—it’s one of my favorite things.
Beyond anal. Extreme differs for everybody and their experience. There are a lot of girls who think rough sex is extreme, with choking, hair pulling, being spat on. I did a scene last year that was so extreme, they asked if I was comfortable with it: “interracial humiliation as a white girl.” It was extremely rough, being degraded and everything. So in my mind, that can be considered extreme. A lot of my sex scenes are very raw, and I like it rough in my personal life as well.
Self-care, self-discovery. It’s kind of like I’m on a roller coaster, and I steer it in terms of what my body can do. Lisa Ann has this perfect quote: “Take care of your body—you only have one cervix.” And that’s it; we only have one body. For me, I’m still experimenting with my body and figuring out what it can do and what I can do and feel comfortable with. I’m only 30; my body is changing all the time. I never thought I could do double anal, and I did it.
Always pushing boundaries. I have so many people asking me questions like, “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” And it’s hard, because even if it’s just rough sex, people think that’s extremely kinky. I like to push boundaries—without hurting my body—and see where I can go. When I did double vag and double anal, I went up to the director and told her, “Hey, I would really love to try and double up on something just to see if I like it.” I’m experimenting.
Is extreme the new normal? Extreme sex started with performers like Tory Lane, but I think it’s more the norm these days. Right now a lot of girls are doubling up, and some are even doing triples in Europe. It’s always like a circle, and I definitely see it trending. A lot of girls are doing extreme stuff, and it makes you wonder if you can do it too. A good friend of mine who isn’t in porn anymore—Roxy Raye—she used to do extreme anal. She told me all the different things she would try to do with her butt. And I used to ask her, “What are you going to do next?” It’s like that with anything, in any industry—how are you going to take it to the next level?
Magic moments. My Hardcore Gangbang scene was the best. Some of my favorite people were there; it was kind of like a family reunion- type feeling. Tommy Pistol, John Strong, Mr. Pete, Alex Legend, John Johnson—it was just a really awesome experience. I told them all I wanted to try and do a double, and I didn’t even know which hole. I stretched out both holes and thought, Let’s just see what happens. It’s either going to go in or it’s not. I was on Mr. Pete—he was the stabilizer—and John Strong was in front. And Mr. Pete was supersweet; all he did was whisper something dirty in my ear, which I love. I completely relaxed, it went right in, and it was the best thing ever.
Twitter & Instagram: @GothCharlotte (ManyVids)

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