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I am a comic and a porn star. My goal in life has been to combine these two careers into a Chimaera of semen and giggles, and hopefully I’m doing a semi-decent job. Listening to comedians, with their never-ending gags and wit, it can be easy to forget that they too are flesh and blood mammals with “needs,” just like the rest of us. Which got me to wondering what kind of smut they watched, if they made jokes in bed and if they had any super-wild sex stories? I was dying to find out. So I hounded three of the funniest funnymen I know—Jeremiah Watkins, Allen Strickland Williams and Brian Redban—for the answers to these and other hilarious questions.

Everyone watches porn, right? I have a whole phone bookmarked with my favorites, ranging from anal and gangbangs to double-penetration scenes. Surely these three red-blooded funnymen couldn’t be any different. Here’s what they shared about their adult entertainment viewing habits:


ALLEN STRICKLAND WILLIAMS: I have a healthy and horny imagination, so I am all over the place when it comes to porn. Stepmoms, bosses, teachers, JOI [jerk-off instruction] videos…I guess I tend to gravitate toward a mature woman in an authority role. But these days I’ve really been trying to single out the performers I like and pay them directly, or as directly as possible, for their content. So I’m watching a lot of things I never would have just because a certain person is putting it out there. Gotta keep your sexual psyche on its toes, I guess.

BRIAN REDBAN: Webcams and mostly amateur porn. I like the kind of porn that looks like it was filmed on an iPhone and uploaded after the couple broke up.

Porn sites usually offer suggestions on what type of scenes you’d like to watch based on your viewing habits. Myself, I’ve been directed to a bevy of unconventional smut. The most memorable was a very cleverly edited scene in which a bald man inserted his head into a lady’s snatch. I asked the fellas for a description of the weirdest porn suggested to them.

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