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June 2024

Misha Cross and Agatha Vega
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Crystal Rose Napolitano: Body Talk
Featured Article

Crystal Rose Napolitano: Body Talk

Somatic attachment coach Crystal Rose Napolitano wants you to listen to your body. Ask yourself, “Do I feel safe? Am I able to give and receive love?” The road to intimacy begins here. Take your first step.

Crystal Rose Napolitano can help you have better sex, but not how you might expect. As a somatic attachment coach, what she offers is so much more than simple affirmations or traditional talk therapy. Hers is a holistic approach that combines mind, body and building authentic intimacy. It’s not just about sex. Napolitano digs deep beneath the surface to uncover what prevents us from experiencing intimacy and secure attachment, be it in the bedroom or the boardroom.

To learn, we must first listen: What is your nervous system trying to tell you? In building secure attachments with her clients, Napolitano uses somatics—of or relating to the physical body—to help crack the healing code. And while it can involve physical touch, erotic or otherwise, the emphasis is on feeling safe, secure and loved.

Are you ready? Slow down, get centered and be here now…

HUSTLER: There’s a lot of nuance to what you do. Maybe the best place to start is your title: What is a somatic attachment coach?

CRYSTAL ROSE NAPOLITANO: First, let’s start by defining the word somatic, which refers to the body and its distinction from the mind. So in a session with a somatic coach, we slow everything down and focus on the body’s responses. A bodily somatic response might be something simple. Think about an exciting first date, how your heart was pounding and your hands were sweaty, how you couldn’t access your whole voice. That’s a somatic response. So as a somatic attachment coach, I work on your attachments and relationships—to yourself, to the world around you—through a somatic lens. We look for the areas where your body’s responses hijack you and prevent you from being fully present. And then we focus on the quickest and healthiest route to making your body feel like home. Because if you’re feeling at home in your body and there are less of those hijacking responses, intimacy becomes so much fuller and juicier.

Trust, self-awareness, learning to feel safe in a relationship—as I understand it, we can’t heal without these elements.

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