November 2019

Featuring Lana Rhoades

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By Special Request: Custom Cam Clips

Welcome to the wild world of custom clips, where innovative webcam models bring your deepest desires to life. Darren Aronofsky, Kathryn Bigelow, Stanley Kubrick—all hacks compared to the cam stars who fulfill their fans’ most elaborate fantasies.
From OnlyFans to ManyVids, Clips4Sale and the dozens of other platforms available to entrepreneurs, custom clip content is shaping up to be the future of porn. That’s good news for sex workers, who now have the tools they need to work autonomously, independently and safely. No middleman other than a payment processor and platform provider.
While you may snicker at the idea of simulated alien feeding tubes and intense, seafood-fueled belching, remember that these videos bring joy. The customer is willing to pay a pretty penny for a beautiful woman to act out his or her fantasy according to painstaking instructions, and the models are willing to sell that fantasy for an agreed-upon price. Though the price varies from model to model, a customer should expect to pay at least $10 per minute, with a minimum of ten minutes—and of course more for extra stuff, like specific fetishes. Most cam clip stars insist on a discussion before the client orders, to confirm that what the customer wants fits with what they’re capable of and willing to offer.
Crazy as it may sometimes seem, creating custom clips is a very serious business. You need to be creative, open-minded, resourceful, business- savvy and a keen negotiator. You have to know what your content is worth, determine return on investment and be able to deliver a convincing performance—often on the fly and with limited resources. HUSTLER interviewed seven such visionaries and asked them to share their most unusual challenges.

Twitter: @LuxLiv3s

iWantClips: LuxLives
Clips4Sale: Lux Lives
The impossibly beautiful Lux Lives is a larger-than-life phenomenon. Granted, 6-1 isn’t that tall, but in the eyes of her acolytes, she is nothing short of a towering, all-powerful goddess. The fetish model and independent pornographer has been at it since 2015 and is highly sought after for height-related custom content. Bow down, puny man!
Large and in charge: Last summer I received a lengthy request for a custom video from a Redditor. He wanted a giantess video—run-of-the-mill for a 6-1 fetish model like myself—but this request had a very peculiar backstory. In this world women have grown ultra-tall, ushering in the collapse of patriarchal civilization as we know it, while establishing a totalitarian matriarchy. Now they are crushing men with their huge feet as punishment for transgressions against womankind. The giantess teases and torments him, nearly stepping on him over and over until finally he is flattened.
This was a 20-minute request, which is a long time to fill with basically one camera angle—a low angle, tilted up from the floor to create the illusion that the viewer is tiny. I improvise most of my videos, and just about halfway in, I was running out of dialogue, so I spoke from the heart and described how I mutilated Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and other members of the Trump Administration in the fall of society. It was a very cathartic experience!
Later on I tweeted about how much I enjoyed making the video and heard from two other models that he’d bought custom videos from them with the same story. It’s very possible he dropped a thousand dollars on several giantess customs. I have many lingering questions about this particular patron: First and foremost, is he single?
Twitter: @_Slutty_Spice

ManyVids: Slutty_Spice
She’s your inked princess from the dark side with a big top twist. In her three short years as a webcam model, Slutty Spice has acted out countless kink and taboo fantasies for her many adoring fans. Of all the fetishes she’s encountered, Ms. Spice will always have a special place in her heart for coulrophilia. Meet the incredible woman who makes clowns sexy.
Clowning around: It’s actually something I really enjoy doing. I’m not quite sure how I acquired a fetish for clowns, especially considering how most people are terrified of them, but it’s very much there for me. About a year ago I filmed my first ever clown-themed video. I wasn’t sure how people would react, but to my surprise, it was pretty positive. I even had a few people tell me they didn’t know they were into clowns until they saw my content. Talk about feeding my ego!
One clip I did centered around an office holiday party where they hire a cute Christmas-themed clown for entertainment. As the video goes on, the clown is chatting with you and flirting while eating a candy cane, and then it fades into a fantasy world where instead of a candy cane, it’s your dick in her mouth. Balloon fetishes tie in pretty nicely with a clown video too.
Once was enough: A custom request that I received, and fulfilled, was a vomit fetish video. I was instructed to eat a large amount of cereal and then vomit all over myself and onto a dildo. This was probably the strangest custom I ever did, and I can’t say that I’d do it again. It was pretty hard to make, honestly. Surprisingly—to me, at least—a lot of people ask if I make content like this.
Hard no: I’ve respectfully declined some requests: defecating, passing gas. I’ve also had lots of people ask me to do race-play-themed videos; one memorable request came with a full script and screenplay that went into great detail—the client wanted me to paint swastikas on my face and be dominated by a powerful black woman. I said I wasn’t comfortable with this, but it remains the most detailed custom request I have ever received. I wonder if he ever found someone to fulfill his vision.
Sliced cheese, please: I did a private show where I slapped sliced cheese on my boobs! The client was very nice. He wanted me to just have fun with it and not be too serious. And I actually really enjoyed doing it, because it was so silly and laid back, and I didn’t feel pressured to act any certain way. He’s asked a lot of girls for this show.

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