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Boning Up: The Missy Martinez Guide to Anal Sex
Featured Article

Boning Up: The Missy Martinez Guide to Anal Sex

If you’re in the dark about buttholes and how to please them, fear not—Missy Martinez is here to take your hand and lead you up the ol’ dirt road.

Anal: It’s the ultimate four-letter word. It’s also one of the most popular XXX genres. And surely, it’s not just for professional suckers and fuckers, right?

Right. However, it can be a daunting and intimidating sexual topic to tackle and, sometimes, it can be a literal as well as figurative pain in the ass.

I’ve starred in quite a bevy of butt-sex scenes and love participating in anal sex even off-camera. If you’re in the dark about how to cross the derriere barrier with your partner, read on—I’m here to be your anal guide!

Photo: Larry Flynt Productions

I tell people all the time that anal sex is just as much mental as it is physical. Breathing exercises can really help relax a person and get them into the “bone zone.”

START SMALL: No, this isn’t a dick joke. Baby steps apply to most new ventures in life, and stretching an anus is no different. Start with a finger or tongue—hell, even a pencil (unsharpened, of course). It will help to mentally overcome that “exit only” feeling and sensation. While slowly introducing different size objects inside the booty, the receiving partner should try to associate the feeling of anal penetration with pleasure. Vibrators, fingering and oral sex can all help toward that end. This isn’t just about training the colon, but the brain as well.

USE LUBE, AND PLENTY OF IT: “The wetter the better” isn’t just a funny saying on trucker hats, you know. Lots of lube and moisture will make your anal adventures 1,000 times better, easier and more enjoyable. I personally recommend silicone-based lubes. They help facilitate a smooth gliding action without getting sticky and gooey like water-based lubes. Spit is also a viable option; just make sure you have plenty of it to spare and share.

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