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Dirty Change We Can Believe In

She’s a comedian who grew up in a sexually reserved household. He’s a porn star with more than 1,000 titles under his oft-unbuckled belt. Together, Rosie Tran and Tommy Pistol host Dirty Change, a podcast dedicated to de-stigmatizing sex and sex work. Standup comedians and porn stars earn their livings being vulnerable. That’s why it…

Sexting Without Sex Is a Real Thing That Happens—but Why?!

People love to sext and, in a sense, they always have. From the dawn of human communication, Homo sapiens carved pictures of their dicks onto cave walls and, throughout history, the technology to send ostensibly arousing messages has allowed the art form to evolve from crude drawings to poorly lit bathroom selfies. However, while we know…

Outrageous Sex Lies

Yes, most of us have stretched the truth in pursuit of a lay at times—but you won’t believe these doozies. When trying to get a stranger into the sack, we usually have two choices. We can either be someone that the other person would want to fuck, or we can pretend to be someone that the other person…