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February 2023

Kiara Cole
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Maid to Love You?

Join us as we explore the complicated connection between housework and sexual arousal. A beautiful woman in a French maid’s costume—a skimpy black dress, white apron and silk stockings—is a sensual sight for many. But according to a new study, domestic work can be a stone-cold clam-chiller in real life.  A study published in Archives...

Cougars on the Prowl

A new study has found that older women aren’t getting laid as much as they’d like to, but take heart, ladies—there are definite sexual advantages to getting up there in years. Porn sometimes gets mocked for being unrealistic. Like, how often do step-siblings actually bone, amiright?! But one thing that the adult industry understands is...

“I Had an Abortion”

Four comedians share their stories. “Our body, our choice.” Conservatives like to use this slogan when it suits them—for example, to refuse life-saving vaccines. But when it applies to policing women’s reproductive rights, fuck autonomy, right? The GOP has been fighting the battle against a woman’s right to choose for decades, and this year they...