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August 2020

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Balls to the Wall: A Deep Peek Into Glory Holes

A great philosopher once said, “Anything is a glory hole if you’re brave enough.” And for those who aren’t familiar with these magical spaces, a glory hole is a slot in a wall that a man may stick his schlong through for sexual good times from a “friend”—or at least a willing recipient—on the other…

Summer Lovin’: Seasonal Horniness Explained

You’ve probably noticed that, when the temperature surges, so does your libido—but why? Here comes the hot science. Although summer may not officially start until June 20, the temperature is already rising as fast as the hand of a straight-A student with daddy issues. With heatwaves, people inevitably show more skin, and even with some…

A Slippery Grope: The Pros and Cons of Shower Sex

Masturbating in the shower can be a good time. Just rub some soap on your dirty body and go to O-Town. But what’s potentially even better than a sudsy rub and tug? A slippery grope and fuck with a partner!  As the temperature heats up this summer, the desire for misty mayhem increases, according to…