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March 2021

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Sex Beat

Sounding off on the connection between music and screwing. Listening to music while belly-bumping can be an enjoyable experience. So fun, in fact, that it’s got some lovers channeling their inner Skrillex, hoping to put together that perfect naughty playlist. But what is music’s relationship with sex? How does it affect our desires, and what...

A Slippery Grope: The Pros and Cons of Shower Sex

Masturbating in the shower can be a good time. Just rub some soap on your dirty body and go to O-Town. But what’s potentially even better than a sudsy rub and tug? A slippery grope and fuck with a partner!  As the temperature heats up this summer, the desire for misty mayhem increases, according to...

Going Poly

From polygamy to polyamory, we explore the ups, downs, ins and outs of having multiple partners.  During this period of quarantine, one major source of entertainment was Netflix’s Tiger King, which centered around kooky zookeeper Joe Exotic. Joe is a controversial figure because of his alleged animal abuse and scheme to have his rival Carole...