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February 2022

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Losing It: Tales of Cherry-Popping Madness

Cock-blocking roosters. Pissed-off dads who threaten castration. If you think that losing your virginity was awkward, check out these cringe-inducing stories of lost innocence. Young people often over-romanticize losing their virginity as if it’s going to be an ultra-sexy, mind-blowing affair that will inspire harp-strumming angels to emerge from the heavens. Although our first time...

Pop-Shot Propriety

Heads up, guys; giving your partner a little advance notice before you come during a blowjob is a crucial, though often ignored, rule of sexual etiquette. Blowjobs are not overly sentimental or polite. They are for the mangy and wild. At best, they’re hero worship with lots of gagging and slobbering—an act that, for a...

Don’t Fear the Queefer

Often maligned as the kissing cousin of flatulence, queefs are nothing to be ashamed of—and they might even be considered a compliment for a job well done. The noisy beasts come on without any warning, and regardless of which region of the world they occur in, they all carry a tune that sounds a hell...