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February 2023

Kiara Cole
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Democracy Is on Your Ballot

This year you get an extra vote for the 2024 Presidential election. Please vote wisely. I am not a member of the Democratic Party, but I will vote like one this year. The Republican Party has left me (and, I would argue, you) no other option. It has clasped hands, like Thelma and Louise, with...

Supreme Court Now Just Making Shit Up

The Republican radicals in robes go rogue, and this is how democracy dies. Literally. As I’ve long warned here, Republicans have now trashed hundreds of years of constitutional norms and Senate traditions to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with radical, extremist right-wingers. The nation and planet will pay the price for generations. In the past...

This Way Madness Lies

AS YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS ARE STRUCK DOWN, THE CORRUPT SUPREME COURT MAJORITY IS NOW ANYTHING BUT “CONSERVATIVE.” The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent extremist rulings were tragically predictable. We know this because at the end of its 2021 term a frequent guest on my syndicated radio program, The BradCast, forecast precisely what has now happened....