November 2019

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High Court Guts First Amendment

The Supreme Court’s ruling on partisan gerrymandering is a direct assault on voters’ free speech. For more than 45 years HUSTLER has stood unapologetically for First Amendment rights, as underscored by the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1988 ruling in HUSTLER Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell. So it must not go unnoticed here that the Court’s stolen…

Where Democracy Goes To Die

Jim Crow rises from the ashes in Florida even after a huge majority voted to kill the dirty bird. In the March 2019 issue my counterpart Robert Scheer trumpeted unabashedly “good news”: Nearly 65% of Florida voters from the left, right and center said yes to a November 2018 ballot initiative “to amend their state…

Our Criminal President

Donald Trump is a serial federal felon, and Russia has nothing to do with it. Give credit where it’s due: Donald Trump is the Greatest Con Man of All Time. Period. How else could one personally lose more than $1 billion over a decade—as recently revealed by The New York Times—and still manage to not only dupe the…