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Featured Article

A Kink for Stink

Clearing the air about fart fetishism.

Perhaps the lewdest of the many foul-mouthed, immature utterances to come spewing from my teenage lips once upon a 1990 was a decree in the company of friends that I’d suck a fart out of a woman’s asshole. I used it as a phrase of endearment, one that meant the woman I was looking at was so desirable that if she would ever give me the time of day, I’d do anything to show her that I was worthy of the pussy, including dropping to my knees and wrapping my lips around her colon. Yessiree, I’d literally siphon the gas out of her gorgeous pooper to profess my adoration. 

Little did I know at the time, this expression was more than just an affectionate way to avow my animalistic attraction for a lady in front of my dumbass buddies. There’s an increasing abundance of people out there getting genuinely aroused by the smell and sound of those intestinal rippers colloquially known as farts, according to a new survey. 

Researchers connected to the adult video content site Clips4Sale recently discovered a whopping 430% increase in people searching their site for videos of farting, making the kink for passing gas the second most popular fetish in the world next to bondage. It seems that, while some of the porking populace is out there getting their kicks from being bound, others, like Lars*, 41, get their jollies from sniffing butts. “It’s not something that I’ve done in real life more than a couple times; it’s mostly the kind of porn I watch,” he tells “I get turned on by how their starfish pushes out when they let one rip.” 

Lars admits that he understands how masturbating to women who fart might sound weird to most of civil society at first. “Lots of people think it has to do with a fascination with poop, but it has absolutely nothing to do with that. I like the sounds. The rest is gross,” he elaborates. 

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