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Porn From The Past

This recently unearthed snapshot depicts a great moment in sexual history: the world’s first rimjob. Unfortunately, this duo never got credit for the innovation, which was stolen from them and...

Priya Rai’s Original Sins

Priya Rai was molested by her adopted older brother when she was eight years old. Then life got harder. Much harder. “Om bhur bhuvah svah,” Priya chants. I’m at the Self-Realization...

Deadly Cycle

It’s one of the world’s most elusive holy grails: lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. From a distance the conflict seems absurd. But for the people who live it day to day,...

Jimmy Pardo: Still Hungry

What does it take to be the perfect warm-up guy, the comic who comes out and gets people in the mood before the star shows up? We don’t know. But whatever it is, Conan O’Brien’s...

Lily Figuera’s Webcam World

A hardworking Internet vixen gives us the inside story about how she makes more money than most of us—without even getting out of bed. Born in the Philippines, Lily Figuera came to the...

Naked Or Nude?

Are you comfortable being naked, or would you rather be nude? Who would you rather be photographed by: an artist or a pornographer? Nudity is everywhere, but the hangups continue. Censorship wars are...

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In Full Bloom

Photography by Suze Randall
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Tiffany Miller

Sweet Discovery

Photography by Chase Diamond
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Lily Figuera

Full Exposure

Photography by Ladi Von Jansky
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Catie Parker

Free Spirit

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Alyssa Reece

Restless Heart

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Larry's Statement

The First Casualty

There’s been a lot of talk about the death of true journalism. I couldn’t agree more that the trend away from firsthand, on-the-ground reporting is regrettable. But even more alarming is that journalism is now, literally, more deadly than ever. According to multiple sources, including Reporters Without Borders, 2012 was the deadliest year on record…

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Samantha Rae

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Asshole of the Month: Pope Francis

Asshole of the Month: Pope Francis

With the mainstream media hailing the new pope as a cuddly, squeaky-clean messiah for the shamed and shit-stained Catholic Church, it looks like it’s up to HUSTLER—and a few...

Bold Move

Impressed by his insistent, often-solitary championing of civil liberties in the U.S. Senate, I twice wrote that Rand Paul should be our next President. But at that time I...

Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye

Ever read the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Probably not, or you—like most Americans—would not be so accepting of its demise as a pillar of the freedoms guaranteed...