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Hahas, Oohs & Aahs

What gets your favorite comics off when they get off stage? HUSTLER asks eight famous jokesters for their go-to porn categories—and other sticky questions—and the responses are laugh-out-loud,...

Ace Reporter Andy Campbell Exposes the Proud Boys

“PROUD BOYS, STAND BACK AND STAND BY…” — DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, 9/29/20 Who and what are the Proud Boys, with their provocative slogan...

Red-Hot Redheads

Red is the color of love. And of fire. Gingers fan the flames of passion and set your bedroom ablaze. Of course, HUSTLER adores blondes and brunettes, but if the truth be told, redheads hold a...

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2024 Is On!

Publisher's Statement

2024 Is On!

Make no mistake: The 2024 election campaign is on! You have only to listen to the 2023 State of the Union (SOTU) address—and Sanders’ abysmal response —to know that the battle to become America’s next President is well underway. Much will be made in the coming year about Biden’s age. He will be 81 by…

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Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 10

Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 10

Busty Young Cheerleaders

Busty Young Cheerleaders

Teens Swing With Couples 3

Teens Swing With Couples 3

Breast Worship 7

Breast Worship 7

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GOP Tried to Kill the Ethics Cops

GOP Tried to Kill the Ethics Cops

House Democrats stopped them…at the very last second. It took nearly a week and 15 rounds of voting before Republicans accomplished their first order of business in the new...
Asshole of the Month: Sarah Hukabee Sanders

Asshole of the Month: Sarah Hukabee Sanders

This past February, President Biden delivered what most unbiased observers praised as one of the best State of the Union (SOTU) addresses ever—a masterful performance by a veteran politician...