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Porn From the Past

Straight-A Annie breezes her way through law school on the strength of her splendid oral arguments. Thanks to J.H. of San Diego, California, for this vintage photo. Send your smut of yesteryear to:...

Up With Beavers!

Naked, in-your-face protests—what better way to fight for our four-legged friends? Sixty million animals are sacrificed to the fur trade every year. Some are left alive to die after the pelts have...

Ana Foxxx’s Puppy Love

Ana wants to rescue a dog,” is how her agent puts it when I call him about doing a profile on Ana Foxxx. I imagine a cute porn chick wandering the streets of L.A. in a cape, springing into action...

Carl Gottlieb Bites Back

Carl Gottlieb has a knack for the breakthrough moment. He acted in Robert Altman’s first smash hit M*A*S*H, wrote the script for Steven Spielberg’s inaugural blockbuster Jaws, coauthored Steve...

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

HUSTLER: When did you become a part of the EDM scene? TOMMIE SUNSHINE: I was very lucky to have been in Chicago, where I grew up in the suburbs, and was there for the absolute beginning of house...

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Kim Counts

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Shades of Pink

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Free Spirit

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Larry's Statement

The Unseen Obscenity

Back in 1977, I wrote an editorial proclaiming that the real obscenity of our time isn’t pornography; it’s war. That hasn’t changed. In some ways warfare has become more brutally impersonal and indecent than ever. Consider our country’s expanding policy of covert operations with military drones. Scores of civilians abroad are being killed and maimed…

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Lisa Marie

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Asshole of the Month: Rand Paul

Asshole of the Month: Rand Paul

This month’s shit-for-brains is a Republican only because the Libertarian Party ain’t got a turd’s chance at the toilet factory of ever getting into the White House. And because...

Schoolyard Police State?

The National Security Agency’s voracious surveillance of Americans shows what the federal government thinks of privacy. But local law-enforcement agencies and school administrators nationwide are also destroying We the...

Truth, Treason & The American Way?

Edward Snowden is the John Peter Zenger of our time. In case you don’t get the historical reference, Zenger was a key figure in this nation’s grand struggle for...