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HUSTLER Honey Dana DeArmond

About Dana DeArmond

Are you still doing as much hardcore as you always did?

I did a DP yesterday.

You did?


You became a specialist for those.

Yes. I’m a specialist.

Why do you do those?

Because I’m good at it. And I like it.

By DP you mean double penetration. There was a penis in your butt and your vagina.

Butt and vagina. It’s deceptively easy. Really all you have to do is stay put. It’s less actual thigh work. You just maybe bear down a little bit, but you don’t really have the frantic pumping and hopping up and down. You just do a cowgirl and a reverse cowgirl or maybe a standing. The guy is holding you up and all you have to do is hang on.

So if you’re a lazy porn star, you should be a DP specialist.

I highly recommend it if you can get away with it. I don’t endorse anybody doing DPs. All the DPs should be just for me.

Are they dangerous?

I don’t think so.

Never had any injuries or mishaps?

No. I do get concerned that maybe I’ll stab somebody in the leg with a high heel. But other than that, I don’t think it’s dangerous.

That’s impressive.

Is that what people think of it?

Just because the anus isn’t necessarily built for that.

I think mine is. It’s like a second vagina.

A second vagina.


Does it feel like the first vagina?

There are some subtle differences. I mean, it’s a butthole. I think I’m just a natural because I’ve always done anal. I did it before I got in the business. It doesn’t really seem like a big deal to me. It’s just something that people do.


If you decide to become a performer, you’re probably on a different level sexually. You have different fantasies that might include being gangbanged or double-penetrated or all of these different scenarios that would not be very practical in real life. I have a fairly normal daily life that’s not very pornographic.

You don’t have to have sex all of the time?


If I had brought condoms with me, would you have sex with me right now?


That’s not the right answer.

I’m sorry. I rarely have sex with anybody.

Do you have a boyfriend now?

I do.

That’s nice. Do you have anal sex with your boyfriend?

Not all the time. He’s pretty private about our relationship.

When he sees you in a movie, is he like, “I want to do that too? It’s not fair that somebody else gets to do that.”

He’s never ever seen any of my work.


I know. That’s where everybody rolls their eyes and says that’s mathematically impossible, but he hasn’t.

Does he know about the Internet yet?

He does have the Internet, yes. It’s just that before we started dating, we ran in the same circles, and he was aware of me as a person. It’s not that he was like, “Oh, I’m going to go and look at that girl’s porn because I found out that she’s a porn star and I can see her in real life too.” He’s just the opposite. I think it’s respectable; it’s pretty nice.


Some people just don’t watch a lot of porn. I don’t, but it’s probably because I’m making it and I know everybody in it. I don’t want to look at people that I know getting fucked.

Is porn work like going to the factory and punching the time clock?

No. I consider myself a performance artist and an actress, and every single scene is its own moment in time in a unique scenario, and I’m very present in the moment and I want to make sure that not only am I happy and comfortable, but my scene partners are happy and comfortable and the people producing the content are getting what they want. That probably explains why I still work so much after ten years.

When you have an orgasm in a movie, is it real?

It feels real to me.

But is it real?

Yes, definitely. It’s biological. If you’re doing a DP and it’s a full-body sensation, you’re very in the moment; it’s very easy to orgasm that way. I work with other women a lot and it can be very sensual. If you’re very in the moment in lesbian sex, there’s a lot of repetitive touching, licking, sucking, fingering and things like that. It’s just very easy to orgasm. I think the funniest thing people always ask is, “Are you tired of sex?” And I’m just like, “No. I’m just better at sex.” Practice makes perfect.

Are you less sensitive or more sensitive?

I’m more in tune with my body than ever. I’m a fully grown adult woman, and I’ve experienced a lot generally. It just helps to know your body. You’re probably not sick of having sex. It probably still feels good every time and you’re maybe a few years older than me.

Yes, it does. So is it vaginal, clitoral or anal? What’s your pleasure?

It’s all of it. It is very dependent on the moment because I’ve learned to control my muscles and have repetitive contractions that could also force you to orgasm. If you’re using a lot of your lower body muscles, which is the biggest muscle group in your body, you’re doing something that’s very intense in this part of your body where all of the energy is going toward your sex organs. I guess you can force your body to orgasm from that.


I’ve known people who say they’ve trained themselves to orgasm from being spanked or biting down on a stick or gag or something. This one girl said that she could get off from being punched in the butt cheeks, from the repetitive pressure. I think a lot of people just assume if you do porn you’re shutting your brain off because you’re just waiting for it to be over, but if you’re very present in the moment, you can train your body to be very accepting of a lot of things like big black dicks or whatever. Things that don’t seem like they would fit.

The body is very adaptable and flexible. Athletes do amazing things too. I’ve always seen porn stars as a category of athlete.  


So what’s the meaning of life?  

Oh, gosh. Depends on your life, I guess.

What’s the meaning of your life?  

Life is very complex and to sum it up in a few words would not be very meaningful.

Okay. There are many parallel realities.  

Is this theoretical physics?


I’m excited.

There are many parallel realities, but let’s assume there is only one. What is Dana in the parallel reality doing?  

Like a bizarro Dana?


Oooh. What would I never do? Maybe I’m a criminal or something.

You’re already pretty close to criminal in this reality. A lot of people consider pornography a criminal activity.  

If you look at me though, I look like a housewife.

That’s true.

And I don’t have a rap sheet or anything.

You never did a crime?  

Not intentionally.

You don’t have a record? No mugshots of you floating around?  

Nope. I’m a pretty responsible citizen. I pay taxes and I vote and I frame photographs. I don’t scrapbook; I’m not an insane person.

Does Bizarro Dana go to church?  

Eww, that thought didn’t even cross my mind. That doesn’t even exist in my world. Maybe she would be like a Lutheran or something.

Or Mormon.  

There’s a lot of Mormons in the porn business.

There are. Weird. Or not.  

Maybe Southern Baptist. Or like one of those snake-charmer kind of churches where they speak in tongues.

That would be a good piece of performance art. Now, if you were a man…  

Go on.

Would you still want to do porn?  

If I were a man, assuming I’d still be white and living in America and having the upbringing that I did, I would probably have more opportunity to be in a higher position socially and in the workforce. I feel like male porn star is a completely thankless job. You’re just run into the ground, and people hate you because you get to fuck beautiful women. For me as a woman, an entertainer and a feminist—and the way that I like to market myself—it makes sense for me to be a female porn star. If I had all of the same attributes and I was a man, I could probably be a movie star or the head of a PR firm or a CEO of something; I could be Mark Zuckerberg.

You can’t be Mark Zuckerberg as a female?

Do you know any female Mark Zuckerbergs?

There’s that woman who does eBay.

She seems like a cunt.

Well, he’s a cunt.

Yes. Maybe I’m not cunty enough to be the female Mark Zuckerberg, but you get my point.

These days, feminist seems to mean a woman who’s just trying to make a living. Whereas old-school feminists would say the problem with porn is that you’re creating an image that tells women their only option is to be sexy and serve the male fantasy.

As somebody who is natural, I feel like I set a healthy standard for the feminine-body archetype. That would be my answer to somebody saying that I’m presenting some kind of a false ideal image. I think I promote a healthy body image and a healthy sexual outlook.

What about when some dude is watching you get it in the ass in a movie?

Good for him. Hopefully he paid for it.

Then he gets a girlfriend and he’s like, “You’ve got to let me fuck you in the ass because, look, Dana does it.”

Well, that’s like saying, “I watched a James Bond movie and now I can shoot 30 guys and no blood will come out.” It’s entertainment.

Do women feel obliged to act like a porn star even though they’re not in porn?

If they feel that they want to act like a porn star, it’s because of how they want to act or their relationships with other people. It’s something within them. There is something to unleashing your inner porn star that can be very healthy and sexually satisfying. America could use a little bit less of a prudish attitude.

Amen to that.

Everyone’s accountable for themselves as adults and that includes their sexuality.

Do you feel sexy right now?

I do.

Right this second?

Yes. I’m very relaxed. I’m in my environment.

When do you not feel sexy?

When people in public catcall you or make kissing noises and stuff like that. I used to be like, “Eww, shut it down.” Or when random guys are like, “Hey, you’re so pretty. Why don’t you smile more?” There’s something about that kind of stuff that makes me feel all gross. I don’t owe you a smile, but that’s the way people interact. Women struggle with that a lot these days, but being that I’m a little bit older, I’m flattered when a homeless guy compliments me on my legs. I’m like, “Ha, the old girl’s still got it!” I tend to dress a little bit modestly in real life, and I feel like I am empowered that way too, so I generally feel sexy all of the time. When people go, “What do you do for a living?” and I say I’m in adult film, they say, “Oh, are you behind the camera?” I say, “Both.” And they’re like, “Oh, that’s great. You don’t look like a porn star.” There’s something very empowering about that because I’m changing people’s perception of what a porn star looks like or what sexual women represent.

They want you to be walking around in Lucite heels.

Those are so bad for your feet.

What’s your favorite food?

I don’t know.

You’re supposed to say penis.

Penis is not a food. Except for that one guy in Japan that cut his own penis off and served it.

Served it to himself or to people?


Did they eat it?

I think so. I have a pretty wide palate when it comes to food. I like just all the different flavors. I guess it’s indicative of my sexual appetite.

Why do you use your real name?

Because it’s easy to remember.

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