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March 2021

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HUSTLER Beaver Shellie Kindel


Shellie Kindel

About Shellie Kindel

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February, but Shellie Kindel, 37, from Tomball, Texas, is diligently romanced year-round. “I’m lucky to have a husband who treats me like a princess and spoils the crap out of me,” she marvels. Being a Beaver is her crowning achievement. “When I was in my teens,” the 5-foot-5 baking buff recalls, “I discovered the stack of HUSTLERs my dad kept stashed in his closet. Every time I had the house to myself, I’d make a beeline for them. Since then, appearing in HUSTLER Magazine has been at the top of my bucket list!” Shellie—whose motto is “Get off your asses and live large!”—is a true-blue exhibitionist: “I didn’t get 64,000 followers on Twitter by taking pictures only in my bedroom! Local merchants give me some pretty strange looks when I ask if it’s cool to get naked and shoot pics in their stores. But what the hell? I love be ing naked in public—mechanic shops, junkyards, parks, hanging off of hotel balconies.” Hanging with Shellie is a blast—and not just in the sack: “Hubby gets spoiled too,” she explains. “Blowjobs during commercial breaks, a handie in the kitchen, a quickie in the family bathroom at a movie theater.” Shellie’s bucket list is now topped by “fucking one of my Twitter followers while hubby takes pictures.”


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