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February 2021

Featuring Natalia Starr
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HUSTLER Beaver Samantha and Brandee


Samantha and Brandee

About Samantha and Brandee

“I’m straight,” Samantha, 22, of Oak Hill, Ohio, professed in her May ’12 debut. “But if there’s a hot bitch around, I’m not saying I wouldn’t be interested. I just met a chick named Brandee, and I’ve got a feeling she wants to seduce me. Maybe I should tell her I’m down for that.” She did! “Samantha was only the second girl I’d ever been with,” recalls Brandee, 31, a MILF and Beaver Hunt alumna from Newark, Ohio. “She was nervous at first, and so was I before we got down to business. Samantha is gorgeous. She has a pretty face, big titties and a nice ass. Now I know why guys’ dicks get hard when they see an attractive, naked young woman. Because if I had a dick, it definitely would have been hard. I’m not a guy, but my pussy sure got wet. Seeing Samantha naked brought out the little devil in me. When she stuck her pussy in my face, I couldn’t help myself. I licked her clit and luscious lips. As she started to moan, she grabbed my hand to entwine our fingers in a romantic way. She was letting me know: ‘Hey, baby, you’re making me cum.’ Then she went down on me. Wow! I’d never come so fast in my life!” Samantha’s assessment? “Going one-on-one with a hot-bad bitch like Brandee was a great idea. So was having a photographer around while I lost my bisexual virginity.We gave your readers a real treat.” For putting on an awesome show, Samantha and Brandee will have some extra moolah for Christmas shopping.


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